Shift to INNO-F1 - The first golf cart fully designed for 'ONE' player




INNO-F1...It's not for Formula One, 

'F-1' stands for 'FOR ONE'

Shifting To INNO-F1 allows you to focus on your own game. This new experience will give you more freedom, control of your game and speed up rounding time for all.


For golf course owners and management, adding INNO-F1 to your line means reduced rounding time, reduced costs for fairway maintenance, less soil compaction and turf stress and more options for solo players.


All these add up to increased revenue!


Basic golf cart design has not changed much since the early 1950's when Merle Williams, the founder of Marketer, engineered an electric golf cart for golf courses. For more than 70 years transportation on the course was designed for two players. A number of years ago we asked, 'Why can't we make a golf cart for one player?' The Founder and CEO of INNODESIGN Inc. in California, Young Kim and his team took on the mission to create a golf cart for one player. After years in development, we are now proudly introducing INNO-F1 ' The Game Changer'.