INNO-F1 is a Single Rider Golf Cart designed with both the Player and the Course Owner in mind.

For Players

  1. Speeds up Pace of play
  2. Improved Focus on YOUR game
  3. Less wasted time = Less frustration
  4. Safety

For Club owners

  1. Faster Pace of Play by players only retrieving their own ball
  2. Increased Revenue by allowing more players to play due to a faster pace of play
  3. Reduced maintenance costs with a reduced total weight of THE INNO-F1 
  4. Reduced maintenance costs with the     INNO-F1 enhanced battery recharging system using removable battery packs


INNO-F1 Improves The Game of Golf for both Players and Course Owners by Speeding up Pace of Play and Protecting Fairways.


Be a part of the INNOVATION and 

Shift to INNO-F1 - It's a game changer!